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"My philosophy about dentistry: I always give best quality dental work for my patients. But it's not enough. I want them to feel relaxed and comfortable in DrD-Dental during the treatments."

Dr. Dávid Takács - ovner, chief dentist


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DrD-Dental Kft.

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adress: H-9023 Győr, Lázár Vilmos street. 21.
email: info@drddental.hu


For an exact treatment plan and price calculation, we need an x-ray and personal examination. You can make appointment with filling the form below...


My motto: "I dont like tooth extraction...".
It could be funny for the first, but it's true. I want to keep all the teeth in the jawbone, until the last moment. It means, in special cases ,we are able, to save moving, or loose teeth with special treatments. 

We do rootcanal treatment, aestetic fillings, direct and indirect veneers, bleaching and dental jewels as well. So if you have any problem with the aesthetics of your teeth, you are in the right place in DrD-Dental.

Nowadays, we still have remains, from he 80's, when dentists just easily extracted teeth. Now we have to fill in the gaps, and let "growth" teeth. One possibility is the dental bridge and crowns. We are specialised in dental bridges. I have own dental laboratory, so on the day of the preparation of the teeth, in a couple of hours we can make temporay solutions (plastic temporary crown and bridge), for the time we make the permanent dental work. We have common porcelain, and zircon crowns and bridges as well.

It is invisible, designed and made for adults, to give you the perfect smile. It's called: invisible aligner technology.
In a dental laboratory, cooperating with a dental team, we can make treatmnt plan, and with a 3D priter just quickly make the aligners you wear. If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us.

This is a perfect solution for replacing missing teeth with an artificial dental root. These are the dental implants.
It can be used for replacing only one missing tooth, or rebuild a complete "ear to ear" dental work. We can also use the to stabilise dentures. In DrD-Dental I have a dental surgeon doctor, who makes dental implants.

Removing impacted wisdom teeth, fitting dental implants we can manage in DrD-Dental with my dental surgeon doctor.

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